Battlestar Galactica 29: Where No One Has Gone Before


They are, actually. And easy to spot, for once.


I mean, did you notice Military characters have a green outline? Pilots red? Politics yellow? Support blue? Pretty, visible ones? Bright, vibrant colors?


Yeah, I agree. Upgrades are great!

I did not notice the outlines before you mentioned them.


rho is probably off for party/sleep night, so everyone just settle in. I will remind myself of 3 days of finger pain rebuilding the characters. I could not do the board, because I have no idea how @CraigM pulled it off in the first place.


The downside of the bright outlines is people are more likely to notice when I forget to move them.

I rely on ninja editing history to make everyone think that I am a perfect BSG moderating machine.


[insert snarky joke]


Ah, I see how it was done, but it would look the same no matter what I did to it, unless I turned into a graphical wizard.


I can’t delegate so I’m going to wander over to the Main Batteries and shoot at the raiders. Looks like the best plan with Apollo set up in 4 to presumably get an early run with the assault raptor against the basestar. @Knightsaber


Okay, no one is going to or can modify the roll.

Which is fine, because Barry ‘Crackshot’ Garner is on the Main Batteries.

Roll: 8

4 (3) Raiders wiped out. Kaput. Pow. Gone.


I’ll be busy with moving today, but I’ll check in by mobile now and then - it’s not like there’s much to think about at the start of the game.

EDIT: ok, the last part isn’t true anymore


I’m terribly sorry about this.


No Raiders to activate.
Basestar in 1.
3 Raiders in 5.
3 Raiders in 2.
1 Viper in 3.
1 Viper in 5.
1 Civilian in 5.
2 Civilians in 4.

Special Rule - Suppressive Fire - Keep this card in play until the fleet jumps or a basestar is destroyed. Players cannot use actions on Piloting cards.

Hey, that is really bad. Sorry. I shuffled. I promise, I just checked.


You’re up, Perky ‘Boomer’ Goth. I mean @Perky_Goth



Ouch, that is terrible. Really reduces what I can do.


I’ll want someone to confirm I’m not missing anything, as it ended up very messy (and I’m a little busy), but it seems I must fly to 2 to keep the civilians safe, and do little else.
Others can use Command to direct the vipers, and @Jorn_Weines can use the CAG action.
It’s fine!


You can fly to 2 but you can’t dodge with EM.

I expected something else.


Oof, that’s horrible.

@Perky_Goth: It’s not necessarily correct for you to get into space with no way of defending yourself. Might be better to use Comms to move the civilians to a safer spot.

@Knightsaber: I believe the activate raiders step should have launched raiders from the basestar.

Edit: oops, fixed tag to correct person.


Yeeaaah let’s pretend there’s a x5 Raiders in space 5.


Jorn is already in space, we’re on Boomer atm :)

Still no one is reading what I’m reading.


Oh, communications exists! I forgot about the special rule, doing too much at once!
Yeah, moving them both is much better, but the one in 5 is iffy. Maybe Recon can help, although it’s a gamble to use it for that. EDIT: it’s pretty bad to use it for that.


All right, move to Communications and tell the civies in 2 to go to 3 (and get to know what they are).