Battlestar Galactica 29: Where No One Has Gone Before


Okie, plus Boomer crisis magic. I’ll send that along.


@Perky_Goth reminder to post in the game thread if you’re leaving the crisis on top or bottom.

Also I did it 100% wrong, you do that after the crisis I sent to you, so ignore that.



Check starts with @Snebmi


I don’t think I have any cards right now? I didn’t draw.


I’ll help you out, sir.


Never mind I do. One second.


2 cards.


I assume we can manage to pass this one; do we want to bother?

I reckon yes: 12 is quite a lot but morale is important and it’s a swing of 2. That said, I can’t offer very much at all.


Yep just like that. @soondifferent


Yeesh, the browser on the phone was painfully slow.
Anyway, 12 in these colors should be fine, the heavy raider may or may not be. With the special rule, it wouldn’t be near the worse uses of a nuke, but that’s a few turns away.


With an ‘s’, two Heavy Raiders.


You just made my day worse. I just didn’t ask because I didn’t want the answer. (somehow, I didn’t know)


Well there are 2 Basestars on the board. They each get to play.


I think I’ve overwhelmed poor @Snebmi with PM’s. But you really can’t over-explain BSG.


It usually starts simpler. I normally use a web app, but we now have a few of our own extra house rules.


soon holding up BSG and Avalon, that’s a neat trick :)


Sorry! It’s a long weekend here. Just scanning the forums and I’m thinking I’m going to see if I can hold up Deception as well!

I’ll do something substantial and put in 2 cards for this one. @Jorn_Weines


Good, good, it would be nice to keep my tactics cards. (I forgot how hard it is to say something without saying too much)


Hm, I think it might be good if you still put in something, if you can. Would be a shame to miss it by a bit.


I know it likely still needs a fair bit, I’m just saying it might be better if it’s not me.
RNG being what what it is, it might not be.