Battlestar Galactica 29: Where No One Has Gone Before


What are we checking? I can’t tell.


It’s a brig escape check. Target of 7, Politics and Tactics are positive.


Rho’s trying to escape?


Perky is.


Ah. One second.


1 card @soondifferent


3 cards @Jorn_Weines


I will add 1 card @rho21


If there’s a spike in, I won’t be able to fix it. And if there isn’t, we hopefully have plenty already. 0 cards @Perky_Goth


1 card, @Knightsaber go


I’m workin’ on it.


Tactics 2(LS), 2(LS), 4(SP)

Leadership 0(IW), 3(RO), 4(DE)
Treachery 0(DC), 4(VO)

Total -3

Dradis Contact places 2 Raiders in 5.
Violent Outbursts places Admiral Apollo in Sickbay.
Iron Will in a negative check is -1 Morale.

Treachery flip is:


@rho21, @Perky_Goth, @soondifferent and @Jorn_Weines all get a Treachery card. Jorn also gets a Mutiny.

@Perky_Goth you have a 2nd action.


Uhr, doesn’t look like soon is very human?


I am launching in an ordinary flight now. Two hours delayed. Boo!


Not so! Whichever positive card you put in, I put in the other two positive cards plus the arguably neutral card. True story! Destiny just evil, is all.


As expected, sadly. I hope we can find a way out of this mess somehow.


Magic 8 ball says: Outlook not hot.


Well, we certainly have 2 humans in the brig. Signs point to soon with so many negative cards… but I have a gut feeling he isn’t, but I can’t quite make the argument yet. I’ll have to think a bit.
Anyway, no way I’m getting out. I think the CV in my hand is the one I played, right? I’d play that, otherwise the other action.

No, you didn’t, I could only play a positive color, and that’s what I did. I think you just undid my doubts there.


Whoops let me fix that for you.


I was talking to you, not Apollo! I meant the positive card you put in! Well, Apollo too. Also Barry.