Battlestar Galactica 29: Where No One Has Gone Before


For what it’s worth this new development is quite a pain in the behind. We did a fine job pre-sleeper.


@Perky_Goth you can pass if you don’t want to risk another attempt.


The treachery pinata is ripe with blessings and gifts


Someone spiked it. We either burn his cards and ours or not. If it was soon, he has little to spike with, if it was Jorn, he should have a bit.


You can also play action cards if you have any useful ones, of course.

I’m not sure why there’s any doubt left, incidentally. soon draws politics and leadership. If anyone other than soon spiked it, there should have been at least some politics cards in the check.

While soon may not have much left to spike with, I also doubt we can pass it with pretty much just Apollo adding positive cards.


Hmmm, yeah, Jorn has been playing them.

Well, 2 LS, they keep coming.


Crisis or Destinations?


I blame Apollo. He’s been shooting innocent raiders, not to be trusted. Just glad he’s in the sickbay now, maybe he’s getting what he deserves ;)


Good question. Might as well be the crisis.


Rolled a 7, so you get Scout magic.


Let’s not give the admiral such a choice. Bottom.


Alright, well, instead we get this:


Starting with @rho21 unless shenanigans.


Well played, game, well played.


The crisis deck is not your friend.


Well, 1(JR)


Okie dokie, it’s Jury-Rigged. Reckless but needs a 6 to pass instead of 10.


Wow, what a draw.

I’ll put in the 1 card I’m allowed to. @Perky_Goth


I’m out. @Snebmi


Who’s the current player?


@Snebmi btw if you have an Exploit a Weakness treachery card I’d suggest not playing since I’ll get a mutiny card. Save it for my turn!