Battlestar Galactica 29: Where No One Has Gone Before


I believe so.


Well, you know how it all went to hell in a second for the humans? It doesn’t really go that way for Cylons. Especially with the CFB I think even when things go well humans end up limping home (which is in the spirit of BSG)


Should I take the mutiny or do we hope that it is not too bad and Soon can be brigged through mutiny?

Let us try to bring this ship around.


Also I would like to save that Mk VII. Or is there only one card play per triggering event? I forget.


You can play more EM cards if you want, I believe.

I would give soon the mutiny. Even if it’s bad for us, it still uses up an action to get rid of. And we’re all holding treachery cards so there’s a chance we can get soon in here with us.

On the point of escaping, surely soon has pretty much only politics left now. If so, that makes it our 3 cards minus one from Snebmi plus whatever destiny has in store. Definitely worth trying once or twice before it gets back to soon’s turn.

@Perky_Goth, @Jorn_Weines: is it worth trying to escape now or should we wait for Boomer’s draw before making an attempt? I can repair something from here if it doesn’t look worth it trying this turn.


Not sure, really. I give @soondifferent the Mutiny @Knightsaber


Ah, it seems you can indeed play more than one EM.

As to the check, I’m tapped out.


I’d like to play a P1 EM


I am neither confirming, nor denying that there are more, only that you called dibs.


Reroll is a 1.

Here’s a correct board for @rho21


So I can use my special power to repair something, or I could see if destiny will help me escape.

@Jorn_Weines, @Perky_Goth: which do you think is best?


I’m not sure what the second one is, but it sounds better - but it depends on the cards you’d be trashing.


I have 14 cards, so throwing away 3 of them on a repair isn’t a problem.

For escaping, I’d just throw in a card I can afford and hope that destiny (and possibly Apollo) happen to assist me. Naturally I’ll save my best efforts for once you’ve drawn some cards to help. It’s pretty unlikely to work, but it’s a big swing if it does.


We might as well initiate operation “bleed their cards”.


Admiral’s quarters


Is that a vote for a repair action?


I’ve seen the admiral’s quarters, tis a silly place.


I liked it when it was my quarters. Now I think it’s stupid.


I don’t have much to add if you try to escape.


New plan: what’s better than two escape attempts? Three escape attempts!

I’ll play 2XO on Boomer with the idea of her taking a couple of goes at escaping. The way I see it, this either drains the cylons of cards or it has a shot at working. And if it works, anything becomes possible.

@Jorn_Weines: I advise Apollo to sit this one out and rest (save at least one card, if you have one, for next turn’s escape attempt).

@Perky_Goth: I have a piece of wire here we could try to bend into a lockpick.