Battlestar Galactica 29: Where No One Has Gone Before


Sure. Bring those TIs too. Escape #1, @Snebmi


You take this one @Snebmi I’ll take the next


[someone loading a revolver].gif


I can’t help too much…what colors are good?


Anything other than politics and tactics.@snebmi


Not too much help :(

1 card




Eh, should be enough. 0 cards @Jorn_Weines


Nothing @rho21


1 card as I’ll be throwing them away anyway. @Perky_Goth


Nothing. @Knightsaber


Tactics 2(LS)

Engineering 0(EN)
Piloting 1(EM)
Treachery 1(BYC)

Total: 0

Establish Network doesn’t trigger, no other Engineering.
By Your Command doesn’t trigger, not a Reckless Check.

@Perky_Goth you have a 2nd action.


Seeing as destiny just improved a lot, let’s try again. LET MY PEOPLE GO!

Same check again, @Snebmi, on the 2nd action of the XO.


I’ll take this one @Snebmi, save your cards. Draw piloting or engineering instead of politics :)


I play 0.

Soon, I am happy to draw those (my politics ones aren’t always so useful), although if the deck recycles (maybe it already has? I don’t know) getting the PP could be quite useful.


I believe revealed cylons can’t use PP unfortunately - only the those still slumming with the humans can. AFAIK the only card texts that revealed cylons can use are those with Skill Check in them (card texts that are resolved when the skill cards are revealed, etc.)

1 card for me @Jorn_Weines


Nothing @rho21


I believe that to be almost correct. To be precise:

  • Naturally any card played by a revealed cylon into a skill check acts as normal. So it counts for positive or negative points towards the check and then resolves any Skill Check: effects (and Reckless Skill Check effects if the check is reckless).
  • Cylons may use the text printed on all treachery cards at the appropriate time. Most of these are just Skill Check or Reckless Skill Check cards, but Sabotage can be used as a response to a human action while God’s Plan and Human Weakness can be used on your turn instead of your regular movement or action respectively.
  • Text on all non-treachery cards cannot be used directly by cylons.


1 card from me again. @Perky_Goth


0 cards, yay