Battlestar Galactica 29: Where No One Has Gone Before


Wait, do we have 3 people in European time zones? Hoo boy.


2 cards



1 card
Not a great deal of assistance, I’m afraid.


1 card


You…may have overdone it. Everyone really needed a punching break before dealing with space.

Politics 2(StP), 3(IC), 4(IC)
Leadership 3(AAC), 3(DE), 3(DE)
Tactics 2(LS), 3(SP)

Engineering 2(Repair)
Treachery 0(B)

Total +21

Pass = +1 Morale (yay)

Bait drops a civilian in 2, that’s unfortunate…

Heavy Raiders launch in 1 and 5.

+1 Jump Prep

Boomer Crisis Magic on the way.


Everyone one wanted to prove they’re a human, I suppose. Which means I should skip the scouted crisis, which is unfortunate.


President Baltar aka @Snebmi, here you go.


I’m moving to the quorum chamber and activating it.


President discards a 1(CP) to move and hit the slot machine.


You don’t want to take care of the impending doom on the new civvie in 2?


I have no idea how to do that.


@Knightsaber: I think we need someone sent to sickbay. Stupid Bait card.


Yes, you’re right. @Perky_Goth chooses someone to send to Sickbay.


Well, either do what I did and move civilian ships with Communications on Galactica, or shot the raiders with Main Batteries on Pegasus, though killing all three is unlikely. Or Command on Galactica to move a viper there (and activate another, maybe move 2).

Oh, the triangle thingy. Err, volunteers? Otherwise, me, I suppose.


If you’re ultra mean and pick Baltar, I have to do this entire turn over, you wouldn’t do such a thing, right?


I believe you have to choose someone other than yourself. I’m probably the best choice, sadly.


Yep, it says another player.


Yeah, then rho21 because of hand size.


Okay let’s pretend that @rho21 is in Sickbay and not Pegasus.

Also @Snebmi drew a Quorum card…play one or draw another?


Ah, I will play Presidential Order to make myself Admiral.