Battlestar Galactica 29: Where No One Has Gone Before




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  1. Sorry about that.


0 cards @Jorn_Weines


Nothing @rho21


0 cards @Perky_Goth


Let’s not brake the streak, 0 cards.




Tactics 1(LS)
Engineering 1(Repair)

Total = -2

Treachery flip is 0(B) = A civilian pops in to space 2.

-1 Food

2 Treachery added to Destiny.

Heavy Raider moves from space 6 to 5.

Heavy Raider lands on Galactica = Centurion alert.

Edit: Oh +1 Jump Prep, that might be important.


@Snebmi choose your two cards please, I can get you a board if you like.


I would suggest ship damage and distance/pursuit track roll @Snebmi


Draw Treachery and Piloting.


I’m doing what soon said but I’m on mobile so not going to type it out.

(Also sorry I’ve been busy lately, a friend is crashing with me for a few days and I’ve got quite a bit of stuff to work on)


Sent the cards.

Track roll = 4

+1 Pursuit

Damage choices sent (there are 9 Raiders, so no roll needed)


Command damaged on Galactica. Pew pew.


Have at you, Overlord @soondifferent




Sorry folks, was out all day. Ok let me settle down and will then do sandworm stuff.


The summoning always works.


Ok phone bold stuff, @Knightsaber hopefully you can help me copy and paste images. First I play tactics cs, and for my first action I will do the humans a solid and repair their vipers via clipped wings. Next action, pull the quorum handle.


Okay, CS, then this:


All Vipers (and the Raptor) are back on Galactica.

All the Vipers that aren’t destroyed are repaired.

soon draws 2 Treachery.

It’ll take me a bit to do the Quorum draw.