Battlestar Galactica 29: Where No One Has Gone Before


You have got to be kidding me.


The spice melange has allowed me to forsee this highly unlikely but fortuitous event. I see Boomer reunited with her loved ones.

Arrest order on Boomer (sorry humans!)


For visual reference:



Boomer is back in the brig.

Read this one carefully.




Honestly I’m not sure what would happen if you pick the top option. I’d have to dig deep into rules somewhere.


I’m guessing I’d have to go to the brig, but I wouldn’t want to leave the fleet stranded; who keeps the titles?

Will probably pick bottom (blah) but will await ruling


I’m looking up the title thing.

Edit: Yes, you’d have only yourself to target.


Ah I found it.

Jeanne would remain President.
Barry would become Admiral (while still in the Brig)
Apollo would become CAG (while still in the Brig)


Ack, the arrest order was a total waste. Crappy discount melange!

Bottom then. Discards coming


Yeah, we’re done here. I just discarded a crisis that ground the vipers too, and here we are. I was wanting to do a thing on your turn, but no check.

And I still don’t get a tittle. Damn cylons.


This is also a jump, let’s not yell done yet.


Discarding 1CP, 2CP, 0IW, 1XO, 0DC.

EDIT - whoops misread card

Drawing treachery for OPT. @Knightsaber


Only revealed Cylons can play Sabotage but it was a lovely try.


You just want me to create another Mutiny card.


Okay cards done, Mutiny dealt.

Basestar fires: 5 = Hit

@soondifferent Pegasus or Galactica?

And also a jump, Cylons back to CFB, if the Destinations have a 1 in them I’d say we’re done.


Galactica please


Armory hit.

Destinations coming.


Well discarding DC was a mistake since I couldn’t play sabotage, but probably makes up for the terrible luck humans have.


Also, humans chanced on good luck with draws. Civilian Convoy, I’ll pick to sacrifice a morale for fuel. @Knightsaber


Okay, for visual reference:


-3 Fuel

+1 Population

-1 Morale

+1 Fuel

+3 Distance