Battlestar Galactica 29: Where No One Has Gone Before




Has been given. Please welcome Admiral/President overlord Baltar.


Ah. Well, shoot.



@Snebmi, as Baltar you may draw one card of any color when you reveal a crisis on your turn. What would you like?


I’ll take Politics, thanks.

Also, I thought Baltar’s skill was before the crisis card was revealed?


‘After you draw a Crisis card’

Also, you need to decide if we’re proceeding with the skill check on Colonial Day or if you’re taking the ‘or’ option of -1 Morale.


Drawing and revealing are simultaneous things.


Ah, okay.

Let’s take a shot at this, guys. I choose the skill check.


I believedeth in you, guru Baltar!


You’re first.


I’m assuming we can’t pass this, let me know if you think differently @Jorn_Weines @rho21 @Perky_Goth. I can help a bit but I wouldn’t want to throw cards away.


I can offer essentially zero assistance. I’m wondering if this one is enough of a swing to burn Boomer’s OPG on.


That might be a good idea. It’s not everyday that a crisis is worth 3 resources.


My apologies, if I knew we couldn’t do it I would’ve picked the -1!

I’ll offer 0.


I’m confused. Are you really claiming that using your turn to take all the power for yourself rather than help humanity out of the rather inconvenient situation it’s in wasn’t a soft reveal? I’m not convinced anyone will believe you on that one.


calls Boomer on the phone


I can not contribute much.

So the President is a Cylon, and now also Admiral?

Gods damn it!


On my other post: I’m a very sarcastic person.

I actually didn’t know what I could do about the ship problem. I’m kind of iffy on how space and movement work.


Gods, I got see if the site is faster on mobile chrome.

Didn’t we just gain morale? I’m not sure failing is that bad (compared to the one I skipped, for one) with that.


Yeah we can probably survive the morale loss, but as far as opg goes this is pretty good returns. I am open to tanking though.


Anyone else? Can we avoid going negative, at least?