Battlestar Galactica 29: Where No One Has Gone Before


Tank or no tank? Boomer OPG or no OPG?


Missed the edit.
Meh, no OPG, please avoid treachery or I’ll add something. I can add a fair bit.


I have no idea what you mean :)


@soondifferent, join me or not, your call.


Hm, we can try our luck with this new tanking/reckless system. 0 cards @Jorn_Weines


0 cards @rho21


0 cards @Perky_Goth.


1 card. Crap.


Boomer tries to save Colonial Day from being a complete disaster…

Tactics 4(SP)

Leadership 0(AHoD)
Piloting 1(EM)

(AHoD) makes itself -1.

Total +2. Fail = -2 Morale.

Basestar fires to celebrate Colonial Day: 7 (Hit)
Basestar fires to add more fireworks to Colonial Day: 5 (Hit)

On the bright side, +1 Jump Prep.

2 missile hits, Admiral Lord President @Snebmi, do they hit Galactica, Pegasus, or one of each?


They hit Galactica twice.


Right, say buh bye to:

FTL Control
Admiral’s Quarters


I guess that decides it, airlock it is.


That’s mean, rho. Let’s not do that.


Get it out, and I can finish it with some missiles.


Groupie Jeanne…er @soondifferent, you’re up.


I’d appreciate an XO if there’s one going.


And I know precisely what you’d do with it.


I don’t like this plan.


Don’t mind me, just enjoying the entertainment


My quarters are gone!