Battlestar Galactica 29: Where No One Has Gone Before


Well they can also use those Quarters to Brig you, so I wouldn’t complain too much.


I’m okay with it then :)


I’ll XO Barry with 1 XO @rho21

Hm, should I move somewhere on Pegasus first? Guess I don’t need to double tap airlock (though it would eat some of his cards…) I’ll stay where I am for now in case we want to blow up basestars.

Although please speak up if you want me to move anywhere first @rho21 depending on what you’re planning.


I’m inclined to deal with the Cylon immediately so we don’t suffer nasty effects from President Chooses or Admiral Chooses cards.

Two questions for my fellow humans first though: do we have the cards to succeed at an airlocking (12 politics/tactics/treachery and I can’t help much), and is the situation in space so pressing I should spend some time dealing with that first instead?


I can do some work towards the airlock. @Knightsaber actually rules clarification - If I discard a card to travel between ships, I can use my OPT right? If so I’d like to move first before the XO (since rho hasn’t done anything yet)


Yes you can.


Ok, let me discard 1 CP and move to Command and then I’ll 1 XO on @rho21. I’l draw a politics

I think it would be good to focus on ridding ourselves of our false prophet.


Okay, card shuffling incoming.


@rho21 Actually please go and hit the airlock. Something magical has/will happen.


I’m mostly useless, but I think I figured out why soon is lucky.


Seems obvious to me.


OK, I’ll discard Engineering 2JR to move to the airlock and try to space our toaster.


Okay @soondifferent, do the thing you’re hopping around the room to do.


Gaius may be false, but the one true god is surely real. Knowledge of Baltar’s many crimes came to me in a vision as I sat contorted in economy class between ships.

I’ll play politics 6PP to seal the deal @Knightsaber


Admiral President Emperor Gaius Baltar is ceremoniously marched to the Pegasus airlock, unbelieving of Jeanne’s political savvy (as is everyone else on the fleet).

Political Prowess automatically passes the airlock check.

@Snebmi becomes an ice cube…for a moment.

Baltar loses his hand due to Execution.


@Snebmi, choose another player to pass your other Loyalty card to, please.

Baltar resurrects on the Resurrection Ship.

Baltar does not receive a Super Crisis card due to Execution.

Admiral @rho21 is back in action.

Also, please welcome President Lee @Jorn_Weines Adama.


(PS Sorry @Snebmi I’ve been on the pointy end of poltiical powress quite a few times and it sucks each time! Got really lucky with that last card draw. FWIW revealed cylons are still fun and potent these days (vs vanilla rules))


Yes, your game is not over at all.


I thought I was able to fight back with cards?


Political Prowess lets soondifferent choose the outcome of a location-triggered skill check. Nothing you could do. Probably the luckiest draw in the world.


Ah okay.