Battlestar Galactica 30 - Something Dark is Coming, Maybe


Also that heavy is getting close to landing, can one of you hotshots get it?


0 Cards

I will let @Jorn_Weines’s better hand keep us from going reckless.


3 cards, should go a long way towards not making this reckless.







Bet you didn’t know that Destiny absolutely loved you this turn.

Leadership 4(AAC)
Tactics 2(LS), 5(CS)
Engineering 2(Repair), 2(Repair)

Total +15 = Pass

No effect. (Raise your hand if you saw that coming. Now stop lying.)

Heavy Raider moves from 5 to 4.


@Perky_Goth need to discard a card to get down to 10, please.


On my turn I’m probably just gonna start hitting that Quorum card slot machine unless someone thinks there’s something that urgently needs doing


Nice, and no damage to the old rust bucket either!


That was a pretty fraking hot pass.

Somehow when everything is going smoothly at the beginning that makes me more nervous then when it’s a cluster…


Wouldn’t hurt to XO a pilot if you can after you move to the Casino. We can hit you back. More efficient.


No next turn until Perky discards!


Discard 0 (TI)


Have at it Dr. @Cuthbert Baltar President sir, guy.


I’d like to draw some cards please


I believe I gave them to you, sir.


Discard 1 IC to move to the Quorum chamber, XO Hotdog @Perky_Goth


You just have to look for them, editing the first PM is a total game changer for moderating the game but unfortunately it doesn’t notify the player.

SO SO SO much better than the old boards with a never ending thread to track though.

edit - quoted wrong person, clearly my last mistake for the game!


We worked that out :)

I think it’s the only thing about Discourse I like.

Edit: Just assume I’ve updated your hand when I post a board and say ‘go’. :) If I haven’t it’s probably because my brain is failing.


The image upload stuff is helpful too. I think it makes these games a lot easier but I have my criticisms in general. At least they were about to change the nag configs about too many responses and stuff.