Battlestar Galactica 30 - Something Dark is Coming, Maybe


1 card @Perky_Goth


Quantity over quality on my hand, ugh.
2 cards



One card


@rowe33 is probably asleep but I will give him a ping


I’m awake, I’m awake! 1 card for me. @Knightsaber


rumble Few minutes.


0 cards



Politics 3(IC)
Leadership 0(AHOD), 1(XO), 2(XO), 5(DE)

(AHOD makes itself +1)


Treachery 3(HW)
Engineering 2(Repair)


Total +7 = Fail (By 1!)

@Lantz choose someone to head to the brig.


Hrm, that sucks.

Might have to brig myself???

I am in the middle of things will pick once I get a little time.


If the next person wants to XO me I may be able to get him out


Does anyone have a declare emergency?


What’s the group consensus on what information is too much? Is it okay to say we have a specific card? I know we can’t say numbers for skill checks


Well, in this case, he means if you have one (and forgot), it might be a good time to play.
OTOH, we’re a bit loose in saying we’ll XO someone in our next turn and such, but there would be other ways to say it anyway.
BTW, I’m not playing one, I should have said that.


For the card you’re talking about, no. We let people get away with murder on XO’s and SP’s for some reason.


You can’t say you have a specific card because it messes up skill check anonymity. You can say you don’t have something because you can lie about that.

Like I can’t say (I can’t have red right now so obviously hypothetical) I have a Piloting MF.

We generally let you say that you can do things if multiple cards make it possible. Like you can delegate through multiple cards, or modify a roll with SP or Calc.

That said, in this case someone could just play one.


Saying things like this is just fine. Being more specific isn’t.


@Knightsaber Is it your birthday or something? Because I am putting myself in jail.

We’ll wait patiently now for you to stop laughing…


Nope. I hate my birthdays.

Off to jail you go.



Raiders move from 5 to 6 to visit with Apollo.

+1 Jump Prep


Admiral @Jorn_Weines, please.