Battlestar Galactica 30 - Something Dark is Coming, Maybe


Ha, thanks - and please don’t, it helps liven up the work day.



We’ll let the Admiral continue to sweat his turn :)


Any input? The semi-risky thing is not super, super risky.


Well it looks like we don’t have any dice-modifying cards so take that into account, but if the result isn’t too bad I say go for it


I may be able to help with dice if it makes sense though I’d prefer to avoid it if possible.


Being stuck with a mutiny isn’t the worst thing in the world if you’re not running for office.


But I am the admiral and a known human.

But we’ll give Robo-Doc a chance to reveal! L1 XO on @Cuthbert


Okay President Doctor @Cuthbert, do the thingy.


Play Presidential pardon, then activate the Quorum Chamber

@Lantz can move whereever he wants


It’d be activate the Quorum Chamber, draw a card, play the Pardon. But it all works out the same in the end. (This way you can do it again, the Chamber lets you play a card for free)


Right! Do that, thanks.


No play, hit it again pls



You have to choose where to put the Doc.


He was in Comms before, so back there please.


Okay, next Quorum slot machine coming.


Play one or end the turn.

Edit: Thinking.


Will not play one.


My brain is fried today.

XO = 2 actions.

Action 1: Draw a card and play Pardon.
Action 2: Draw a card…and then not play one, so you get another.

Yay I did it, one more card coming.



A choice for you, President @Cuthbert (the current player is Admiral @Jorn_Weines for the record).


I’m fine with discarding the skill cards if you are, @Jorn_Weines