Battlestar Galactica 30 - Something Dark is Coming, Maybe


Will not play one.


My brain is fried today.

XO = 2 actions.

Action 1: Draw a card and play Pardon.
Action 2: Draw a card…and then not play one, so you get another.

Yay I did it, one more card coming.



A choice for you, President @Cuthbert (the current player is Admiral @Jorn_Weines for the record).


I’m fine with discarding the skill cards if you are, @Jorn_Weines


I’m sensing a pattern here.


The brig-industrial complex has a powerful lobby


This is some absolute foreshadowing to a god emperor toaster that we can’t get in the brig in episode 11.

Writers seem a little heavy handed this season.


Can discard. Must check my treachery.


L0 IW, T2LS, E0 IU are my least bad discards.


Discard one CP and one SR



You need to state the numbers as well.






Gimme a few, ay.


Discards done.

Basestar fires: 7 = Hit

Pegasus or Galactica, @Jorn_Weines?


We’ll take that on the new rust bucket (i.e. Pegasus)!


That’s the Airlock damaged. We didn’t need it anyway.

+1 Jump Prep = We’re jumpin’

Cylon ships to CFB.
Vipers back to reserves.
Hot Dog still out in Assault Raptor.

Destinations incoming to the Admiral.


The other destination was terrible, so I hope the clear from @rowe33 dispels any misconceptions.


I will risk the Raptor and play T3 SP to secure the fuel.

Believe me, we are better off.


That’s an auto +1 Fuel.

So you all have gotten through the first jump with plus resources. Jinx.


My centre is giving way, my right is retreating, situation excellent, I am attacking.