Battlestar Galactica 30 - Something Dark is Coming, Maybe

Like 1/3 of one. Okay you got me.

Well I just realized it’s not me going to Sickbay anyways so I’ll go with the top option. We can always replace the Morale if necessary. More worried about the Fuel because No one ever loses due to Morale.

Okay you said so.

I’ll slap you after the game.

-1 Morale

Poor innocent @Jorn_Weines to Sickbay.

Basestar 1 Fires: 4 - Hit
Basestar 2 Fires: 5 - Hit

@Jorn_Weines chooses how to split those hits. (RIP Pegasus once again).

+1 Jump Prep

We could nuke a basestar at some point…

I always forget the damn nukes.


There should really be a dang penalty for the Pegasus being destroyed, instead of it being ablative armor for Galactica

I think playing with Pegasus adds some other bad stuff, but I don’t remember what.

Pegasus only has the CiC remaining so Galactica’s getting smacked once, too. I’ll get to it in a bit.

@Perky_Goth pick your one card, because Resurrection Ship.

Pegasus goes boom.

Galactica is hit in Weapons Control.


Here you go @Perky_Goth

I have to go out and about for a bit. Shouldn’t be too long.

Less longer than me…
Cylon fleet, «launch 2 raiders and 1 heavy raider from each Basestar»
Baltar, you know what to do.

I would also like to draw treachery please @Knightsaber

Actually, I move to the Fleet board, action 1, roll under the number of raiders.

Geez lemme catch up.

2 Raiders in 5.
2 Raiders in 1.

Heavy Raider in 5.
Heavy Raider in 1.

Baltar’s roll is a 3.

@Cuthbert you can damage either FTL Control or hit -1 Food.

Plus you can do one of the other things on the Basestar Bridge.

I’ll hit FTL and roll to set back the jump track.

There are only two Basestars, right? So placing a third one would be pointless

All of this is correct.

Roll is a 1.

-1 Jump Prep

@rowe33 your Politics/Leadership draw please, sir.