Battlestar Galactica 30 - Something Dark is Coming, Maybe

I believe that the basestar would be placed in frontand the active player decides which existing to remove. Maybe.

@rowe33 @Jorn_Weines thoughts? I would have to make some tough decisions but I could potentially do a lot.

I can do a lot of heavy lifting, since I’m above the card limit anyways.

Nothing happens if there were already 2 Basestars.

It’s a longer-term health issue, it seems. Worry not about it, soldier forth.

Hope you feel better! Chronic stuff sucks…

1 card for me

Sorry for the delay but I figured that I had some time to ponder since @Jorn_Weinesis human and must sleep.

2 cards from me.

1 card

1 card


Now that the Toaster Bros are done; my contribution sort of meager.

And here I thought this forum had rules against hate speech :(

The BSG Forum Games Association managed to get an exemption grandfathered in, provided we talk about people’s in-game personas and not the players themselves.

I knew the lobbying influence of Big Battlestar would be a problem someday.

Today is my last travel day. I will try and check in when I can.

4 cards for me. @Knightsaber

You mean 5.

Tactics 1(G&I)
Piloting 0(PTF), 0(PTF), 1(EM), 2(EM), 3(RI), 5(RI)
Engineering 1(Repair), 3(SR)


Leadership 1(XO)
Treachery 3(PV), 4(VO)


Total +8 - Fail

@rowe33 Protect the Fleet will allow you to activate an unmanned viper (only once, because rules).
Personal Vices will give the Doc, Kelly and yourself a Treachery plus a Mutiny to you.
Violent Outbursts will send you to Sickbay.

You pick what order these happen in.

Then the Fail will kick in.

Then the Raiders will move.

I do declare, seems like this is some sort of emergency we have right here.

Leadership 3 DE to avoid the fail state.

VO first, off to Sickbay. Then PV. Then launch AR in 4 with PtF. I’ll jump into it and use my OPG as the action.

MK7 in 1 fires twice at raiders. MK7 in 2 fires thrice at raiders. Sixth activation depends on results.

slow blink

Wow. 5