Battlestar Galactica 30 - Something Dark is Coming, Maybe

Good thing that no one ever loses to morale.

Okay, everything is face-up. Excluding Destiny. Because Destiny loves you all anyway. Mostly.

3 cards: Leadership 3(RO), 4(DE), 5(AAC). @Perky_Goth

0 cards

1 card: Tactics 1 LS @rowe33

How much help do you need here, @Lantz?

Probably not much, but this is probably worth going a little over

@rowe33 I misread Jorns. I can carry the load if needed.

Ok better to save mine then I think.

0 for me.


Leadership 2(MV), 6(SOE)


Overdid it.

Politics 1(CP)
Leadership 2(MV), 3(RO), 4(DE), 5(AAC), 6(SOE)


Tactics 1(LS), 1(LS)


Total +19 - Pass

-1 Morale (harsh!)

Raiders in 5 shoot at Galactica (they need an 8 to hit FYI)

Raider 1: 5
Raider 2: 3

+1 Jump Prep

What Sicky-bay one card would you like, @Jorn_Weines?

I think that is a crisis worth a little overkill…

Leadership please.

Off you go then, should-be-Admiral @Jorn_Weines

I can repair something, or delegate or super-delegate. What do you want @rowe33 or @Lantz?

Probably save the super delegate for some extreme Apollo shenanigans later.

I can’t repair, it’s probably the most important thing to do right now.

I’ll move to FTL and play E1 R to fix it. @Knightsaber

Okay done.

I can guess how you’ll all deal with this:


Starts with @Perky_Goth no matter what you do.

Sorry, @Cuthbert, wrong cards.