Battlestar Galactica 30 - Something Dark is Coming, Maybe

That’s fine, but the Basestar will sit on the CFB in space 4 until a card moves it or the Pursuit track moves it. Doesn’t put ships on the main board.

Forgot about that, as the text wasn’t adapted to the CFB.
On second thought (but really more than that) I think I’m dancing around waiting for a better time that might not happen, so, move to Caprica and:

Okay, starts with @Cuthbert

0 cards @rowe33

I can do some pretty heavy lifting here assuming we’re going for it.

I can’t do much without using cards that’d be better saved for rainy days. Destiny should be really favorable though.

2 cards for me. @Lantz

3 cards


You should share those with me.

5 cards @Perky_Goth

1 card

Well, let’s have some fun.

Leadership 1(XO), 2(XO)
Tactics 1(LS), 3(SP)
Piloting 1(EM), 2(EM)
Engineering 1(JR), 1(Repair), 4(Calc), 5(Calc), 6(BN)


Politics 4(PP)


Total +23 = Fail

-1 Morale

Basestar in 1 fires: 6 (Hit) - Command damaged

@Perky_Goth decides in which order Raiders are activated.

(Then the Heavy will move, then the Basestar will spit out 3 more Raiders)

Does it matter? 5 first.

Not really.

Also I have to note that Jorn wanted to add a Repair that I accidentally left in his hand after he’d used it on FTL. My bad. If it was a real card, it would have passed. I feel bad.

Raiders in 5 fire at Galactica.

Raider 1: 7
Raider 2: 8 (Hit) - FTL Control damaged, @Jorn_Weines to Sickbay…again.

Raiders in 1 fire at Random Pilot Dude in a Mk7.

Raider 1: 4
Raider 2: 4
Raider 3: 3

Heavy Raider moves from 5 to 4, and from 1 to 2.

Basestar in 1 provides 3 new Raiders.

@Cuthbert you may draw 2 cards of any type now that you aren’t on the Resurrection Ship.

I’m sorry to be happy, humans.

Aha, I didn’t parse that it was used.

No DE? Really?!?

There are none to be had. There was no way to dodge that one. Sincerely sorry about forgetting to take out that Repair.

It was never really there.