Battlestar Galactica 31 - We Built These Cylons With Rock and Roll

I am pretty sure that there’s no rules on how to get to Earth, you have to just make something up in 5 minutes at the end and pretend that you always meant for it to go that way.

Everyone knows you have to transcribe the music to numbers and type it into the FTL to get there.

GG everyone, congrats humans! @rho21 @rowe33 @CaseyRobinson. Was an interesting though not a particularly comfortable ride as Cylon. Yeah, not sure there was much we could do @Lantz, though the dice could hae flipped easily for us at the end if it weren’t for Legendary Discovery, Boomer’s dice roll, Casey’s Brute force…well…

Thanks for running it @Knightsaber

I’m up for the next thunderdome.

The cards like to pick a side it seems.

I think you’re meant to play with the board (Demetrius?) that lets you take on extra crises to gain good stuff (such as fuel).
The one time I’ve played it the game had one newbie Cylon, one sympathetic Cylon leader and one Cylon card left in the deck. We made it to Earth easily without having to interact with the Demetrius at all. In fact I think only the Cylon bothered with it, to make us have to face an extra crisis.
The whole game was a bit of a damp squib; no idea why the host wanted to play with all that complexity with newbies at the table.

Only that game beats this one for my hollowest human victory, but this one was infinitely more fun. Thanks again @Knightsaber for running it.

Congrats humans!

I’m in if there’s room.

OK, so guaranteed spots to

Thunderdome entrants so far for the final place:

Anyone else want to throw their hat into the ring?

rowe did, but I miss him all the time too.

Oops, true. Editing.

To be honest I’m not even sure if he was in this game or not.

As moderator I can’t believe you don’t remember that the players were me, soon, casey, and rho.

I am constantly overlooked!

Thanks for running it again - glad I could be there for the very end of your moderator misery!

Confirmed interested in another game

Why are there so many blank spaces in some of the resent posts? Very strange.

frak it, I will thunderdome too


It turns out that rocks and rolls are terrible things to build robots from.

I think that part of it is that we tend to end up with some pretty lop-sided groups of characters lately. If we had a typical yellow/green heavy team the cards would have felt a lot more toaster friendly.

I had some stuff come up. Pull me out of the thunderdome

The thunderdome will activate in about 7 hours from now, in case we have any late entrants.

Any variant preferences or shall I just roll up some rules I think look sane?