Battlestar Galactica 31 - We Built These Cylons With Rock and Roll

Watch me fly the pegasus into all sorts of Cylon torpedoes.

If Baltar is in play I might have to switch pilot.

Baltar and Boomer with a pilot that can’t fly and a pilot that isn’t built to fly.


@soondifferent - Starbuck (Military)
@Lantz - Stinger
@rho21 - Seelix
@rowe33 - Boomer
@CaseyRobinson - OG Baltar

I’ll give you guys 3 hours or so to change your minds.

I am switching pilot, I will try and pick in the next hour. Sorry parenting.

It’s no problem I’d rather build the thing tomorrow.

That’s a unique recipe for disaster you’ve got going, why change it?

Well, I would like them to have a small chance to win.

I will see what fun Stinger can do as CAG.

This is an improvement.

2ish of us have a great chance to win!

So we don’t need any politics or leadership draws? This is still going to be a bumpy ride.

What use are those?

Yeah, what was I thinking!

Right now you’re looking at a draw of:

2-3 Politics
3-4 Leadership
3-4 (4-5 before 5 distance) Engineering
7 Tactics
6-7 Piloting

Where has politics ever gotten us? We need hardcore tactics and some ace piloting if we’re going to save the human race!

The lack of XOs is pretty bleak.

I think that I am locked in at this point so up to the rest of you to decide.

Maybe killing all our raptors on failed scouting is what we’ve been missing.

I’ll check in and start the thing one way or another in the morning.

Don’t forget everyone gets a full hand, so people that have card choices will need to let me know what they are.

Well if it’s any consolation, on my turn piloting are positive for all skill checks, so we can burn red and conserve politics if possible.

@Knightsaber I’ll take a leadership for my draw

@Knightsaber: 2 tactics, 1 politics, 2 engineering.

Can we have the chosen character cards pulled out in their own section at the top somewhere for easy reference?