Battlestar Galactica 31 - We Built These Cylons With Rock and Roll

I don’t draw these.

Lantz hasn’t actually given me a card, so there’s that.

0 cards @rowe33

I was just waiting on a call on precheck. I will send the card.

1 card for me. @CaseyRobinson

0 Cards, @soondifferent

1 card @Knightsaber

FYI this is going to be all sorts of bad and I’ll need to do paperwork after.


Piloting 2(EM)

Leadership 2(XO)
Treachery 0(DC), 1(BL), 3(PV)

Total -4

Draedis Contact places 2 Raiders in 5.
Broadcast Location = +1 Pursuit Track
Personal Vices gives Seelix, Boomer, and Baltar a Treachery card (I will do this after I write this post)

Negative Skill Check Treachery Flip:
Treachery 3(ABM)

A Better Machine adds 2 Treachery to Destiny. Again. Still.

-1 Morale

Scar appears in space 5.

Yay! (for bad)
Boo! (for paperwork)

Have to look something up.

Okay, the humans had to each draw a Treachery, but that put Seelix and Baltar over 10 cards. As this is the end of a turn, @rho21 and @CaseyRobinson each have to discard a card. No bets as to what they pick.

@Lantz might as well pick your one card while we’re here.

I am going to pm you just so I don’t telegraph what they might want to discard.

Baltar has a mutiny card now right?

Yeah, why?

Just wondering!

Discard Treachery 3PV.

I dump this Treachery 3(HW), I don’t see the evil bit where it sticks me with mutiny. (Whoops!)

It doesn’t.