Battlestar Galactica 31 - We Built These Cylons With Rock and Roll

Your turn, Perpetually Evil @Lantz

Also you drew Politics, so everyone knows.

Well that’s certainly not ominous with his super crisis or anything.

Could we see the raiders actually do something?

If @Knightsaber happens to post my Super before I get to a computer that is my plan



I figured it out on my phone. Robots can learn.

This one we should definitely work on. 7 cards. We still need more added. @rowe33

3 cards for me. @CaseyRobinson

2 Cards, @soondifferent

Not looking forward to the math I get to do on this.

Making knightsaber’s life easy by adding only one card

I already have instructions from @Lantz to add a card, so hold on a moment.

Okay. There’s a bomb. Let’s see if humans can take care of bomb disposal. Ugh.

Tactics 1(G&I), 2(LS), 3(SP), 4(CS)
Piloting 5(MF)
Engineering 0(EN), 1(Repair), 1(Repair), 3(SR), 3(RS), 5(SR), 5(Calc)
Establish Network doubles Engineering total.

Leadership 3(DE)
Treachery 1(BL), 2(SD), 2(SD)

Broadcast Location = +1 Pursuit Track
@rho21 please place 2 civilians not in the same space and not in 3 or 4

Total: +43

Um, Pass. No effect.

No comment.

Also @rho21 pick your card for your turn, please.

77 Short of goal. Disappointing, humans.

It had probably better be 1 & 2. And I’d like another piloting.

Here you go, Admiral CAG @rho21

Scar does, in fact, count as a Raider. mind reading

I’ll move to 3, CAG-activate the MkVII to escort the civilian, then launch a nuke at zone 5, with 3SP.

See? Spooky, aren’t I?

Sorry, Boomer: I think this is more valuable than passing you the CAG this turn.

Move done.

Escort done.

Nuke: 6 + 2 = Yikes.

Space 5 evaporated.