Battlestar Galactica 32 - It's the Cylon Countdown

Another one, please!

Done. Here’s your “reward”.


Starting with @Knightsaber.

I can contribute a moderate amount.

I have a piddling 1 card, I guess.


0 cards not useful or appropriate I’m afraid. @Cuthbert

2 cards.


2 cards


Jorn sent me a message this morning to put in 2 cards.

I keep forgetting we are the ones in basically the same time zone.

Politics: 1CP, 1CP, 3IC, 4PI
Leadership: 4AAC, 5CoP
Tactics: 1LS, 1LS, 4CS

Total: +24 => very pass. Looks as though destiny was happy as it was.

Heavy raider moves from 5 to 4. Jump prep to 60%.

@Knightsaber: Hail to the chief!


I’ll 1R a Viper Mk. 7 and then 1XO the Duck. @Otthegreat

I believe you get two vipers repaired for the price of one repair card. Even MkVIIs. I’ll do two of those as there’s no obvious reason not to.
I approve of the use of chief powers.

Am I allowed to escort both civvies with this? If so, I do that.

I’m kinda worried about that heavy raider…

@Otthegreat: yes, you can escort twice. You can also take a CAG action.

In that case, I’d also like to have the viper in 4 take a shot at that heavy.

The viper rolls a 1.

Two civilians are rescued. Now let’s see if the admiral wants to give you 3 more to babysit. @Cuthbert


Perfect. Maybe next time I’ll just tell them to try ramming it instead.

I guess I’ll take the second option but I don’t like it.