Battlestar Galactica 32 - It's the Cylon Countdown

You bastard.

Me bastard?

You’re gonna have to die, human or Cylon, I hope you realize that it’s personal, too.


Also, neat discourse feature, seems like it keeps my earlier profile picture in quoted posts. But not the ones one level nested.

I’ll take whatever category Ott doesn’t.

Oh wow those avatars are confusing.

@rho21 I’ll pick one of three pilots.

@Otthegreat: Duck, Racetrack or Starbuck?
@Jorn_Weines: Jacob Cantrell, Ellen Tigh or Lee Adama?

Duck, please.

I mean, how can I not?

Untitled Duck Cylon

We’re low on Politics, so even though Ellen Tigh looks fun, I will go with Jacob Cantrell.


And 2 Pol, 1 Lea @soondifferent. Unless we start with a full set? Not sure if there’s an alteration to that in this game.

I’ve decided to go back to the reduced set to start (sorry for not mentioning that explicitly). I was toying with the idea of 1 card for the 2nd player, 2 for the 3rd and so on but it seems complex for little gain.

2 Tactics, one Leadership

2 Tactics, 1 Piloting

@Knightsaber: if you’d prefer (as last to pick), you can have a selection pack of one of each leader type, instead of three of one type.

@Cuthbert: Pegasus CIC or Command on Galactica?

I feel like we should invoke the Cally Doctrine for @Knightsaber

If you mean I immediately get to shoot soon and take SIx, yes.

HIt me with one of each then.

No support?

Gambling is fun.