Battlestar Galactica 32 - It's the Cylon Countdown

@Knightsaber: Kara Thrace, Tory Foster, Narcho or the Chief?

Wait one.

Chief, please.

Great. I’ll get things going in a bit over 4 hours.

Also I’ll snag a Politics and 2 Leadership while I’m here.

I will take a mutiny and a really good super crisis when I reveal.

Guess we will have to keep Pegasus alive this game with one pilot. If both Chief and Fowl turns we’ll be in for interesting times.

I would have taken Starbuck if it were pilot Starbuck. But noooo.

The Chief is hotness, you can’t complain about that.

Not complaining, just starting our usual Pegasus advocacy early!

Hmm, I like your joke, but that avatar going to be a little confusing on the rest of the forum. YMMV.

Ha, yeah, I keep wondering when @knightsaber started playing Langrisser mobile (the other thread that I’m currently most active in)

I’ll change it shortly for everyone’s sanity.

I was just getting used to KS not being the anime person.


Haha, nice.

Much appreciated both of you, I’d already been confused four times. :)

Setting stuff up next.

Chief comes with a gun, right?

He doesn’t wear the gun belt pants in the family.

I would like to take the roll to steal Cally’s gun while she’s asleep.

You roll a 0.

Humanity starts down -1 morale, pick a new character from the following list: Original Anders.

Oh wait, I am not moderator. My bad.