Battlestar Galactica 32 - It's the Cylon Countdown

@soondifferent: Your roll is a 3 => No effect.

Perhaps your shooting was so bad because you were

Starting with @Cuthbert.

I say we tank this one to be honest

Yeah, let’s tank this one. I guess if someone wants to throw in some cards to avoid reckless effect they could do that.

0 Cards


I’m off to bed now in any case, so no rush.

0 Cards


Yeah, I am not close to making a dent in this.

0 cards @Knightsaber

Too bad, I liked all three of my cards.

Nothing here.


0 cards


Crisis resolution:
Tactics: 1G&I
Piloting: 3MF

Total -4 = Fail
Treachery draw because total is less than zero: 3HW, which would trigger but has no skill check effect.

Fail effect triggers. Random discards:
soondifferent: Engineering 2JR
Cuthbert: Tactics 5CS
Otthegreat: Piloting 3RI
Jorn_Weines: Leadership 1XO
Knightsaber: Leadership 5AAC


Heavy raider launched in zone 5. Jump prep to 20%.

@Cuthbert: tactics or leadership?

Tactics please

@Cuthbert: Hand updated. You have the bridge, admiral.

Let’s blast that basestar

CIC, I assume. Want to wait for any adjustments or just roll the dice?

Sometimes you just gotta roll the hard 8-let’s go for it now to keep things moving

You roll a 3 which will damage Pegasus unless anyone can adjust it.

Ack, I was saving this for maybe a resource roll, but i’ll Calculations 5 it to a basestar damage instead. @rho21

I’m working from home and bored today. Would a cylon have a cat crawling all over his keyboard?

The basestar’s hangar is disabled.


How ambitious are you feeling, Admiral @Cuthbert?