Battlestar Galactica 33 1/3 The Network Gun

Well, pretty sure you know how unlikely it is for me to try to spike a check on my own turn with a measely 3, after keeping a 7 check crisis around with only a moderately damaging failure result.

@CraigM Civvie at 4 please!

I will move to Pegasus CiC.


Since @Cuthbert was nice enough to give this to me, I will play it back on him. But I am cool so I will play a Tactics 3 SP on the roll. Pick your two new cards.


Right, since I had it, here is the board.

@Lantz your roll is 3, which is just enough with the SP.

@Cuthbert your draw.

Engineering and Leadership please

Ok, sent.


Ok this starts with @rowe33

Can’t help here at all. 0 cards. Seems like a fine check to tank though.


Oh damn, I just realized I landed in the sickbay. Sorry folks, forgot that I had to be on the move in space as well as on Galactica.

But yeah, seems like a good crisis to tank.

0 Cards @Jorn_Weines

0 cards since we’re tanking, I can’t solo this. @soondifferent

0 cards @Lantz

I get tanking but it’s weird that y’all are onboard with it likely going negative and I can’t do anything about it.

0 cards.


Very well. I don’t know what Cally is feeling guilty about, but she does some self medication to feel better.

Skill cards
Engineering 1R
Tactics 3SP
fail. @Lantz discards 3 cards.

Tactics 1LS
Engineering 2R
Leadership 0IW

Since the check went negatve, flip for Reckless. Treachery 4VO.

Heavy activation, roll 8. Pursuit +1.
Jump prep +1

@rowe33 your turn

L2 XO on the Admiral. Though I know we’ll never be together again, I still want him to be happy (and healthy.)

Sounds good, @Jorn_Weines

Is 7 fuel right? Do we only get 8 to go 10 distance.

That’s pretty brutal

Yeah. It seems to be a balance for the powerful, and potentially game shortening, demetrius.

Makes cards like Scouting for Fuel more important.

I’ll move to weapons control. Can anyone modify if I try something?

Not me

I’ll try a T2 LS then, scout locations. @CraigM