Battlestar Galactica 33 1/3 The Network Gun

Keep it on top please.

Very well. Here is your crisis.


@Cuthbert pick your fifth card (side note, I do not believe you would draw a card if you play a mission, as you skip the draw crisis step)

@Jorn_Weines first to enter.

I’ll take a politics

Hard call, but I am contributing bigly. 1 card

I need to read more about it but it seems unlikely that we could pass much of anything with how few cards we have.

Edit- this was talking about missions, not the crisis


Just as a reminder to people, I can not put only 1 card into a skill check as a trade-off for the fact that I can execute a toaster. Just noting since if people don’t realize it then my card contributions can look even more odd than normal.

Inspecting a loyalty card? Where was that crisis when I put Final Five cards in?

Surely they’ll look more even.

One card @lantz

Sorry, I was at a human charity event. You toasters might not understand.

0 cards


The one at the Too Few Bullets Foundation?

1 card for me.


One each of Pol and Lea when we roll around @CraigM

2 Cards

Just pending one clarification before processing.

Waste no time on premise. The President, whose legitimacy came from sheer dumb luck, knew he had to strike fast to secure the administration, and the fragile fleet. Weak and ineffectual action could shatter the delicate alliance, and send what remained of humanity that they knew of, scattering into the celestial winds.

Strike fast, strike hard. Plan, plot, devise. Search the records for hints of ancient civilizations to retreat to, seek intelligence from a captured spy.

Oh yes, skinjobs. They discovered by accident when the Event happened. A person aboard Galactica was caught in the engine room. It was not supposed to be in use, as this was a museum event and no flight underway. So personnel was minimal. And the ducting. They found the suspect in there with a bomb that could have detonated the fuel stores. And if that happened…

Time to put the screws to them, see if there were others.

Skill cards
Politics 4PrP
Leadership 2MV,3DE,4DE,6SoE
Tactics 3SP
Treachery 5EaW
Total +11, partial pass. No Effect

Heavy Raider launches, Jump prep +1

@Jorn_Weines select your draw

One leadership, one politics.

Anyone have anything fun they want to do, or should I just shoot at the basestar? Preferably if someone can modify?

Remind me @CraigM, are modifications also added to rerolls or just the first roll?

I could obviously shoot Kat off an XO which would be super fun but not exactly helpful.

If @Cuthbert saw the mission on the top he could go draw us the right color cards off an XO and the Captain’ Quarters right?

Only a single roll

And unfortunate timings. By the time I had the confirmation, I was out of the house for a day with the kids. So no board until this evening. But no need wait @Jorn_Weines

@Lantz yes, I could do that.