Battlestar Galactica 33 1/3 The Network Gun

I missed this in traveling, but for future reference Kat needs to move or be in sickbay w/ me.

I had forgotten the title swap, but I had not forgotten that ;)

Sorry all, after the weekend I have kill me hundred emails to go through. So busy day at work.

Gah, I forgot too. If it’s not too late I’d like to move to 1. Otherwise, sorry fellow humans! Remind me never to play Kat again.

Kat is fun, but yeah, she can’t be that important piloting because of her strength and weakness.

Kat is the best pilot in the game.

She just needs to use the biggest ship. Think about it.

Ok, day dealt with. Updates made, @Lantz your turn.

borrows Craig’s map for a few minutes



Thanks I feel slightly more insane now.

Can’t believe how it’s always 0 jump prep for me.


Politics 0RT
Tactics 0TI,1LS
Engineering 0IU,1R,1R

I will gift our CAG-Admiral my second loyalty.

You realize that you just signed up for episode 34, Sweetness Returns

@CraigM forgot to tag.

Ok not much changed on the board, so @soondifferent check your hand, @rowe33 your turn.

Well crap, wish I could do more here but I can’t see a better move than this:

Play Tactics 6 SFF - play Tactics 3 SP on the roll.


Turns out that the asteroid belt nearby? Plenty of tylium for you.

Roll 5+2
+1 Fuel

Starting with @Cuthbert


0 cards @Jorn_Weines

1 card. A really, possibly insignificant, contribution, but it might help swing it. @soondifferent

First time for everything!