Battlestar Galactica 34 - Rule 34

We are having possibly the worst luck drawing crisis cards out of this deck, man.

The game is doing its job when everyone is feeling hopeless.

I can add a little, depends on how you want to play it.

I can’t see this passing, so some reckless protection.
2 cards

zero cards @soondifferent

0 cards @Cuthbert

0 cards @Lantz

@Jorn_Weines your draw while I get this setup

Two leadership, please @Lantz

Positive Cards:
Politics - 2 CP
Leadership - 1 XO

Negative Cards:
Treachery - 3 PV, 0 B

-1 Morale to 4

Bait does nothing.
One Treachery for Each Human.
Not Reckless

Occupation Forces advance 1 spot.

Not on Cuthbert’s turn it doesn’t.

thanks for the reminder. Of course New Caprica has to swap which activation is skipped for Cylons.

I blame rowe

Also occupation forces are on Shipyard.

There was one on occupation, the crisis placed a second as the fail effect.

That crisis activated occupation forces so they moved to bad canyon. Then this crisis hits, activated forces and moved them to shipyard.

gives Lantz BSG moderator macho hug I feel it.

Your right also.

Have I blamed my kids for not sleeping enough yet this game? If not I am throwing them under the bus.

Everyone can just donate a couple extra hundred dollars this month to the site for all the images I have to correct ;)

Also, @Jorn_Weines you have your hand.

Lol, I feel ya. My oldest had a 102+ fever the last two days, my youngest has needed me to take him for a 40 minute walk the last few nights in his carrier in order to sleep because he is teething.

So, I’ll not be doing any delegating. Do we want to execute someone, or should I try to take out the Occupation Force at the shipyard @soondifferent @Perky_Goth

Are there 2 centurions at Shipyard?

Unless we have an SP, shooting them is a bit risky. Do we want to sacrifice food so Galactica can come sooner?