Battlestar Galactica 34 - Rule 34

Your right also.

Have I blamed my kids for not sleeping enough yet this game? If not I am throwing them under the bus.

Everyone can just donate a couple extra hundred dollars this month to the site for all the images I have to correct ;)

Also, @Jorn_Weines you have your hand.

Lol, I feel ya. My oldest had a 102+ fever the last two days, my youngest has needed me to take him for a 40 minute walk the last few nights in his carrier in order to sleep because he is teething.

So, I’ll not be doing any delegating. Do we want to execute someone, or should I try to take out the Occupation Force at the shipyard @soondifferent @Perky_Goth

Are there 2 centurions at Shipyard?

Unless we have an SP, shooting them is a bit risky. Do we want to sacrifice food so Galactica can come sooner?

Yes there are two.

I am confident in my ability to stomp a Centurion.

I have no idea what a good strategy is, and I’m running out of intuitions too. Not that they’ve been brilliant, so it’s an improvement. :D

Move to Shipyard. Play T3 SP to shoot a Centurion. @Lantz

Roll is 8+2=8, one Occupation Force down.

Crisis is:


1 card @Perky_Goth

1 card, @CraigM

one card @soondifferent

2 cards @Cuthbert

1 card @Jorn_Weines

2 cards @Lantz

Positive Cards: +10
Leadership: 0 IW, 2 XO, 4 DE, 4 DE
Tactics: 0 QT

Negative Cards: -13
Treachery: 0 B, 0 DC, 3 PV. 5 EaW, 5 EaW

@Jorn_Weines What do you want to QT out?

I’ll take Leadership/Engineering this time @Lantz

I think we’ll be hard pressed to pass any more checks, given the 3v3 nature of the battlefield, all the treachery cards being either 0,3 or 5 values (I think) with detrimental effects, and two of us in detention.

The L0 IW to avoid the morale drop, I think that might be worse than the reckless. @Lantz