Battlestar Galactica 34 - Rule 34

2 cards @CraigM

one card @soondifferent

1 card @Lantz

Positive Cards: +14
Leadership: 0 (+1) AHoD, 2 XO
Tactics: 2 LS
Piloting: 3 MF, 4 RI
Engineering: 1 R
Treachery: 0 B (+1)

Negative Cards: -5
Treachery: 5 EaW

+9 no effect
Jump Prep +1 to the -1 spot

@soondifferent select someone for the treachery from EaW
@Cuthbert I need your draw

Treachery and Piloting

Activate Crisis Canyon

I am noting this here for everyone, this is properly reflected in Perky’s hand and vassal but the board had @soondifferent marked as having the mutiny since I forgot to change it there.

Soon was understandably confused and asked for clarification before handing out the mutiny.

Knight unwittingly made me realize we need either of them more than me.
Also because I might have try president things anyway the way this is going.

Ah thanks. Bonus detention for Perky then if possible! @Lantz

ok, @Perky_Goth will chose one mutiny to keep

@Cuthbert has his hand and decides:

We’ll do the check

boxes Boomer’s line

@Jorn_Weines lead us out.

President discarded:

Nothing @Knightsaber

1 card @Perky_Goth

(hand still needs an update)
0 cards @CraigM

Do you all really just have that much Treachery in your hands or have you given up?



Well, my draw colors speak for themselves.