Battlestar Galactica 34 - Rule 34

Yes he does, Detention is not quite exactly the same as the Brig :)


Just checking to see who all had kids wake up a bunch last night.

@Jorn_Weines with the choice and perhaps a plan.

Well, I have a big fat 0 for this, but the bottom is death.

Same. It’s going to take an astronomical amount of luck to win anyway, might as well start testing it with the bottom choice.

L4 AAC so we can use our treacheries @Lantz

@Knightsaber leads us off

Nice. Let’s not hesitate to use the big mutiny drawing cards since Apollo is current player and we can still dump it on someone in detention.

If Jorn is forced to draw a mutiny, does that happen before or after the pass effect?

You resolve card effects prior to resolving the result effects.

Because some card effects can alter the result.

1 card @Perky_Goth

Ah I didn’t even think of that. Good one.

This might bite us, be we need to pass.
2 cards @CraigM

I’m actually helping. Also I’ll help you tag @CraigM

Quick editor, you are, hmm.

I think it doesn’t actually work if you edit in a tag, but maybe they fixed that.

Figures, I’m about to tag the man just in case and he appears.

It works, can confirm.

one card


Don’t you “Watch” the thread? Tsk.

Oh I do. Notice the notifications :)

Man, I just leave it open in a tab all day.

5 cards @Cuthbert

Also, attention resistance. We have intercepted credible intel that Knotted Boar Gate, over by Origami Duck Valley may be coming under attack. Reinforce immediately.