Battlestar Galactica 34 - Rule 34

Huge power move for an admiral that remains hidden all game imo

Guaranteed lynching by his fellow Cylons when the humans execute him just before Galactica returns.

Why do I always get the shit crisis draws?

Actually not this turn.

"I sent a rule query to Fantasy Flight just to be sure on this rule. I got the following answer from Corey confirming what Dan Anderson wrote:

Cylon players ALWAYS skip their Activate Cylon Ships step. The only reason we mention to Skip your Prepare for Jumps step is because Cylon players usually resolve this step.

I hope this answers your question!
-Corey Konieczka"

kicks a rock

You don’t say…

So anyway, who wants detention?
Top it is, then.

I want detention, it seems like a nice safe place to be miserable in.

Well, you just have to infiltrate again and I might grant your wish.

Thanks for finding this. The rules totally do not make that clear at all.

The rules are a hot mess.

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Destiny is 5 cards with the two new Treachery.

@Perky_Goth you have your hand.

@soondifferent, @Jorn_Weines

Sadly, no multi-action for this turn… Either way, I have a few options, neither of which screams better than the others. Unless for Knight.
Prepare, evacuate, try to improve morale. The latter is problematic in NC, but we leave now, so I can do it on Galactica. Of course, any action on Galactica is on the table, but Colonial One is MIA for the rest of the game.
Sadly, I doubt Demetrius would help with anything. So, hmmm, do we go back to the Ship and gamble on having just the 4 prepared ships leave? Odds are bad, as per ship manifest somewhere above, but maybe we can’t do better, or even that.

You still need 4 New Caprica crisis cards with an evacuation icon to get those Prepped ships into space, though.

Edit: Or click the Shipyard 4 more times.

Fun, isn’t it?

4 New Caprica crisis on human turns, yes, which would be hard enough.
A CS would’ve been really brilliant this turn, but it can’t happen all the time.

I guess we need more ships if we want to survive the jump. On the other hand, giving the Cylons a taste of the resistance is also fun.

Morale is a long shot unless we have an SP. Prepping/evacuating as a single action seems ineffectual in the face of what needs to be done, but I guess it’s still progress.

Shipyard action, evacuate a ship (so we don’t have 8 raiders shooting at Galactica)