Battlestar Galactica 34 - Rule 34

The correct term is ‘Evacuate’ 2 civvies to space 4 :)

Sorry, I’m bored.



I just realized that we haven’t had any title changes this whole game. Weird.

Anyone want to do the coin toss here?

I think top. we might get lucky and skirt further morale losses, but the ships and the pop is a hard limit.

you know, in theory. we are dead next crisis.

Or why couldn’t it be food? Yeah, I don’t see ass all leave, so I think it must be bottom.
But, yes, pop is a hard limit… and the cards help… agh. Want to risk it without Jorn (he’s probably gone for the day), @soondifferent?

It’s the weekend, guess we can wait a bit so that we all get to participate in our extinction. Still voting top for me.

I’m not sure, but lean towards top.

Let’s go for the top, and draw, errrmm, Tactics @Lantz .
@Jorn_Weines @soondifferent

(FYI it does not say it may be outside your skill set)


one of each for me @lantz

-1 Morale to 1.
1 Raider launches as we’re out of components. My understanding of the rule would be that the partial launch satisfies that step but if someone has a reference to a forum clarification or something I would gladly take it.

Last prepped ship launches (I assume you want 4?)

@Perky_Goth and @soondifferent need to discard down to 10.
@Jorn_Weines is forced to discard: 0 IW, 0 FTH

@Cuthbert what draw do you want?

You did it right, when you run out of Raiders, you stop there.

Unless they move from the CFB but I don’t think so, great now I have to look.

Discard 0 FTH, 1 CP


So I was way off.

So you’d take the 2 Raiders from CFB space 2 to the launch, then the 2 from CFB space 4, then 1 from the horde in 5-6.

Treachery and piloting please

Discard 3ABM @Lantz

Minor note - checking the components against vassal space is setup right.

@Cuthbert you have your hand.

I forgot to update civilian ships on the board, will fix later today

The three prepped ships are now in 4

Let’s try the crisis canyon one more time