Battlestar Galactica 34 - Rule 34

I should have let Craig pick me (which he probably would have if I didn’t put in so many cards, since I was next to go and I’d only draw one from sickbay), but I was thinking that my treachery hand was OMGabigdeal and didn’t want him to have it.

You are absolutely correct on that. I saw it as a two for one, you spent all your good cards, and I took Perky’s. Had you not done so I would likely have swiped yours.

What the what. I don’t even. That’s a five season arc you’ve got there.

I think that’s actually the point of it, following the show. Kobol > New Caprica > Ionian Nebula > Earth.

Hence why it’s called the ‘Four Destinations’ campaign :)

Four seasons, hmmm…

I can’t believe this game took less than a month & a half. Feels like it’s been going on for a few months!

Congrats Cylons! I tried to follow somewhat but this one was tough.

  • I want to play the crazy stupid long Four Destinations game.
  • I want Craig to do an Ionian Nebula game.
  • I’ve had my share of BSG games for a while.

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I should have tagged everyone I know, lemme see.


Uh brb while I try and recall who else plays.

@rho21 ?
@CaseyRobinson ?
@scottagibson ?
@jeffreyb ?

I probably missed some, tag them if you would.

Well man, trying to find 9 people and fill out a poll. I’m reaching here.

I didn’t realize he hasn’t posted in over a year. Hope he’s okay.

I voted for the Ionian but am also very definitely up for the giant game FYI

Don’t have much time right now, but I’ll play the crazy game if you need me to make up the numbers.

Waitasecond. Weren’t you the one super hyped for it? And pointed it out in the first place?

Also I have an eye exam next week because reading on screens has become iffy with my crap progressive lenses. So that’s a huge bonus pile of fun. Happily my local optometrist place takes for-eve-r to actually procure lenses so it’s nothing to worry about for a couple of months.

I am! I’m just not sure if the different elements will complement each other or kind of crowd each other out, but I’m still excited

I think the only concerning thing will be that Trauma and Allies will be there from the beginning, and we’ve never used them before. They really aren’t that bad but they do make people think twice.

If anyone is curious about those things, hit up the Exodus rulebook, because it’s a lot of stuff to read and I’m not typing it out :)

I think @Guap had also expressed interest

New blood for the Blood God.