Battlestar Galactica 34 - Rule 34

@CraigM, you up for being in this? Think I’ll stick with 7, people will get too bored between turns with 9.

Reading the rules is good :)

I will help you step through some things in a PM during the game if you have trouble. Just…please don’t make me type the rules to you as we go…I’ve…done that before…and…

Got Hulk angry.

I can play moderator assistant. Particularly for @Guap

But also everyone else because this is gonna be a thing.

Okie, this is gonna be a thing. I’ll start doing the things tomorrow.

There’s generally a decent amount of strategic table talk too. While you can’t talk about your cards you can generally poll the other players for suggestions and get some ideas.

I’ll play if there’s room, but can sit out if the game is full!


I’m surviving :) . No time at the moment :(

If there ever was a time to read through all of the rulebooks again, this is it.

Muchas gracias!

But you and Perky and soon were all huge losers, who do I kick out? :)

I’ve played several in a row now, so I’ll sit this one out.

Everyone says that but never means it.

I’m thinking I should start with the CFB in play and take out the Cylon Attack cards. Yah? It seems silly to add it in the middle of the game.

Not only silly, logistically tricky as you would need to sort through the crisis deck

I mean it, I’ll be in the peanut gallery on this one.

Consider yourself a peanut, then, sir.

Which I’ve already done, separated them into expansions. And I may have put the attack cards in, no biggie taking them out, I guess. BBL crying like tiny child.

While I think that everyone can appreciate how generally crazy this game is, for those that haven’t moderated this game yet Knightsaber is putting in some serious work to get this happening that the vassal stuff doesn’t make easy.

Not to mention I just noticed we don’t have a Cylon Leader selection/image and I have to make that and all the character tokens too.

And add all the locations from all the boards to the Locations area.

And add a summary of the 4 Destinations rules. It’s gonna be a while, guys.

Sneaky peeky: