Battlestar Galactica 34 - Rule 34

I carried the word “president” from the top to the bottom, for some reason. God dammit.

Unless it says otherwise, I think that’s true.

Yup, it will say ‘outside your skill set’ if it’s letting you draw any colors.

Well, 2 greens is probably ideal anyway. On to selfish acts!

Also, you’ll just have wait a bit longer before you go full murderbot!

I’m not planning on going full murderbot, but carry on.

I know that I would never go full murderbot.

But if you leave me in Sickbay I’ll just use a random card I borrowed from you in a Skill Check instead of what it’s good for.

Because petty Six.

Your hand is updated.

I can’t get you out now (regardless of capibilities) anyway, because of CS.

What I can do is freak out and get our CAG in play. We should be able to get the civvies to safety before the raider jumps back in.


So launching MKVII into 3. @Jorn_Weines @Lantz

Yikes, why am I not in space!?! What is happening!?!?! Oh, jumps. Those are a thing?

Just to make it clear, since I am not sure - activating an unmanned Viper can also launch one? @Lantz

If so, I will CAG a new Viper (Mk VII) to space 4, then use my action to move to space 2 to cover the Civvies.

I believe so, since Command uses the same language.

Well, that’s what I do then!

Yes, it’s the same, and it’s also a good idea that you’re the one that covers it, to avoid “Command” shenanigans, although a buddy would be safer to protect 5 ships.

Sure, but I’ll have to move it over there once I’ve CAGscorted it.

I’m just throwing ideas for the next turns. Another is moving Boomer and nuking that space once it fills up.

Yeah, nuking 5 when everyone jumps in sounds like a good idea. I imagine we must have some adjustment between the 5/6 of us.

We used them all in the last game.

Okay, the weakest mutiny in the history of space is over.


Oh, wait, I guess not quite yet. Admiral @soondifferent

@Jorn_Weines you will have two civilians to place no matter the choice.

@soondifferent you will need to discard 3 cards regardless of your choice due to hand limit.