Battlestar Galactica 34 - Rule 34

Romo Lampkin


EDIT: I have a lot of rule annotations to do, it’s been a while

makes note to use mutineer for game 35

Urge to play Natalie Faust rising…
Military leader with Engineering also good (like Louis Hoshi)

But Nightcrawler…

(While playing a semi meme character like Duck or Anders is always fun, I think our setup is such that one or two such choices all but dooms team human)

There are certain characters that are better on New Caprica than others. Humans basically need a pilot that didn’t switch sides when they get there.

I can probably find it later (or in the module I have done fuck all with), but do you have an image of the NC board and/or some description of how the crisis are different?

They also need to not get blowed up good. Which has been the problem of late.

Well I don’t have mine accessible currently, but the basics are that on New Caprica there is a track for occupation forces that will advance and destroy civilian ships. Crisis cards have a dual purpose jump track marker, and can be used to move civilians off of New Caprica to Galactica once it returns. Crisis cards are geared towards inhibiting the ability to move civilian ships to ‘safety’ more, and less towards moving titles or boarding party actions.

@CraigM you have a 40 percent chance of doing the blowing up though!

We need someone to keep things flying.

Ill be Seelix.


Ooooh, admiralty is till up for grabs? Thinking I’ll play Saul Tigh because New Caprica, unless someone chimes in to tell me why that’s a bad idea (haven’t had chance to read new rules yet)

That’ll make us

3 pol 2 tact
2 tact 1 pol/eng 2 pil/eng
3 lead 2 tact


I count too, jerk.

Yes, but how human will you count is very much open.

There should be at least one more engineer draw for humans. A pilot with engineering is probably very solid here (Starbuck anyone?)

Or someone with leadership/ engineering

Sorry, you must have been standing to my right.


I’ll be Sharon “Boomer” Valerii


Who needs XOs anyway!

@CraigM I’m assuming you didn’t care about being CAG, if you did, I won’t leapfrog you and I’ll take someone else.

Nope, Seelix exists to scrape pilots out of the cockpit, and only gets in one herself if you hotshots can’t scratch it.

Looks like we need more politics and leadership. And we’ve got Cylon Leader, Military, Politics, Support and one Pilot. I guess there is only one choice! OG Anders!

No wait. I’ll play Lee “Apollo” Adama, and start with 1 Tactics, 1 Piloting, 1 Leadership. Mk. 2 Viper in the leftmost launch space. Or do we start with fancy full hands?

Underhanded CAG thievery.