Battlestar Galactica 35 - The Cliffs of Insanity

I’ll go with Treachery.

Do you need a board?

(Casey is in the AR in 2 vs 6 Raiders)

Distance: 9
Nukes: 2
Quorum: 6

Fuel: 11
Food: 5
Morale: 8
Population: 6

No, I’m good, just need to think a minute. Don’t think I’ve been a Cylon for quite a while!

Wow you aren’t kidding, since Game 26. That was like, a year ago. (Actually Oct-Dec 2018)

Move to the Bridge - activate!

Choice 1) Attack Galactica! Surely we can hit it with so many raiders on the board.

I’m not even gonna roll until you pick the 2nd thing :)

Ah sorry, didn’t know I couldn’t wait to pick #2. Very well! CAG, place a civvy! Are there any left?

There is one.

Roll: 3 , sending rowe 2 damage tokens, get to pick one.

@Perky_Goth please place the last civvie in a space that is not 2.

Edit: @rowe33 picked the Hangar Deck to damage so you drop that civvie on your way to Sickbay.

Also, it’s the 1 turn anniversary of that whole human death thing.

4 it is.

Moving on to the Chief…alert Chief, the ship is damaged! But really, I’ll drop his cards and a board and then it’s my reading before sleeping time.

On an unrelated note, damn, I had no idea Grace Park was involved in that whole sex cult business, like Cally’s actress was. WTF. How disappointing.

Park is also a former member of NXIVM, an alleged sex cult, and has appeared in video interviews with NXIVM founder Keith Raniere.

Yeah I saw that the other day. Cripes.

Did that Keith guy have a Olmos style mustache or something?
Life’s weird, man.

You have all night and probably late into the morning to decide what you want to do, Chief @Lantz

Sign me up! Sex cults are my bag, baby.

Just no.

I am going to repair the hanger deck and then XO someone.

Anyone have a good read on if I should let Athena out of sickbay?


Oh, I know the answer!