Battlestar Galactica 35 - The Cliffs of Insanity

I probably would not.

NXIVM is pretty sick and disturbing if you haven’t read about it, so it’s a sad thing that the actresses were embroiled in it.

XO me and I guarantee 4x viper activation.

If I had to guess, I’d say that Jurgen might have a higher than average chance of preferring burnt bread, but I dunno yet.

…I died! What more do you want?

But did you come back…different?

Roslin died, you’ve been suspiciously quiet in Pegasus all this time!

Move to Hanger and 2 R Repair it and 1 XO @soondifferent

I’ll get a blue bird out to #2 and activate it 3 times to kill raiders. @Knightsaber

Ya’ll making me work while I try to Animal Cross.

Unnamed Viper dude guy:

Roll 4 - Raider dead.
Roll 6 - Raider extra dead.
Roll 8 - Raider super dead.

-3 Raiders in 2. 3 remain.

Raiders Inbound

You don’t see CAG chooses very often.

CAG @Perky_Goth

Loyalty check anyways

We only lose by pop 9% of the time, right?
Ok, ok, we shall discard, geez.

Discard 2FT, 2XO, 3SR.

Someone tell @Cuthbert his cards are gone, oh I just did.

(1XO, 2MV)

Also @Cuthbert: Tactics or Engineering?

Time to do some Cylon things, whoever you are! We have a limited time before this human virus wipes all of Cylonity out once and for all.

Oops, a Heavy launched from each Basestar, probably not very important. >.>

Do any of you know if BSG is streaming anywhere? :) I don’t want to do the put-in disc/remove disc tango.

Not as part of a regular streaming package, as far as I know.