Battlestar Galactica 35 - The Cliffs of Insanity

Raiders Inbound

You don’t see CAG chooses very often.

CAG @Perky_Goth

Loyalty check anyways

We only lose by pop 9% of the time, right?
Ok, ok, we shall discard, geez.

Discard 2FT, 2XO, 3SR.

Someone tell @Cuthbert his cards are gone, oh I just did.

(1XO, 2MV)

Also @Cuthbert: Tactics or Engineering?

Time to do some Cylon things, whoever you are! We have a limited time before this human virus wipes all of Cylonity out once and for all.

Oops, a Heavy launched from each Basestar, probably not very important. >.>

Do any of you know if BSG is streaming anywhere? :) I don’t want to do the put-in disc/remove disc tango.

Not as part of a regular streaming package, as far as I know.

Bother. I’ll just rip them to this massive external HDD then.

Edit: Looks like if I do it this way I’ll get to start watching in about a week.

I found out recently that it’s streaming on Amazon Prime in Canada. I rewatched 33. Not quite as amazing as I remember, still very very good.

It’s less fun when you know who everyone is and what’s going to happen to each of them, but it’s still the best show ever.

Looks like you can stream seasons 1-4 on

Ah very cool, thanks! If anyone hasn’t actually seen it, don’t forget to watch the mini-series first, then season 1.

Not like you haven’t spoiled the end of season 2 by nuking half the human fleet.

I haven’t seen it in years, was planning on starting over. Thanks for the SyFy website tip. Come on, Amazon Prime and Netflix! Pick this one up! Lost In Space was double meh.

Tactics please

Off you go then, Admiral @Cuthbert

Activate Command, escort the civilians