Battlestar Galactica 35 - The Cliffs of Insanity

I’d be ok with it but he’s up next anyways, so we’d have to wait 'til he can show up either way.

This was his turn.

Oh wait, no, he just went. Nevermind.

I’ll wait, I’ll just continue to Animal Crossing. I’m busily arranging my trees.

Discard 0 AHOD

Here you go, @CaseyRobinson.

Take all night, I’m taking a break.

I’ve got a couple options I’m considering, but I’d like to hear peoples opinions on who the last cylon is first.

I’m 65% sure it’s Athena

I am like 90% sure Athena.

Best to nuke Galactica from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

Ohhhh, someone gonna get spaced?

Athena’s definitely a contender, though that last CAG crisis is a strong data point against and I can’t really make sense of that.

20% of the time, Athena is a Cylon 60% of the time.

I have to admit to not following the cards as well as I should be.

I missed that too until @rowe33 helpfully pointed it out. Take that how you will.

The AAC dump after the check that would use it isn’t a good look.

Perky discarded an 2 XO before this then a 4 AAC after. So to not have spiked the check then he would have had to been sitting on 4 leadership before this.

He was also sitting on at least one XO and picked to scout Destination.

Morning, players.


Off to Animal Crossing then!

Yeah, I said I was stalling for the jump, as there was no ship relevant enough to deal with. In hindsight, XO the president was fine.
The discard does look bad, I blame math.

I blame… being a toaster!

Think I suggest that Stinger do undeniably human this turn.