Battlestar Galactica 35 - The Cliffs of Insanity

I’ll get you going tomorrow, man.

I’m all busy doing uh, things. That are things. Also I will probably snooze early tonight.


I was right! I was right! No one listens to Baltar! No one!

Please, please trust President Baltar. I know the way. I shall lead us to salvation, if such a thing exists. Let the …umm, Divines? Let them guide me. I shall ask them for the answers.

Last human standing… well, here we go.


Smoke 'em if ya got 'em.

What the heck, I’m still awake.

Go @soondifferent

Can’t delegate. Damn there’s a lot of people crammed in sickbay. Any suggestions? Old man cylon’s turn next.

I could go and get everyone an engineering if we are short on repairs, what say you @Lantz / @Guap / @Cuthbert?

Hm. If you can, maybe scout the Destination deck, see if you can get us a good one? Or use the engine room on Pegasus? I won’t turn down a card, certainly.

EDIT: never mind on the scouting, we’re going to 13, not 12, pretty sure there’s no 4 distance cards.

A repair would be great right now, I have bupkis.

Okay, just waiting for @lantz to chime in if repairs are necessary. We do have a good number of people drawing engineering and inter-ship travel is suprisingly expensive right now.

I don’t think it is super critical but damage does tend to stack up.

Okay, I’m going to do something relatively useless, because, damn, airfare.

Move to Research lab and draw engineering @Knightsaber

Oh hi, there you go.

Look out the window, though.

Threat of Supernova

rowe has no cards so @Lantz first then. Have fun, kids!

@soondifferent @CaseyRobinson @Guap @Cuthbert

Anyone have thoughts on if we can get this? Have something I only want to use if we’re really going for it.

Lions Head Nebula!

Also Demetrius mission + 2 or 3 distance :)

A what?

The BSG appendix.

(I even made it really big and easy to see)

Hey, I was considering it (Demetrius). High cost of travel and all that.

@lantz re: check…uhhh maybe? I would suggest that we hold on to any repairs for actual repairs though.

Also the target numbers on Demetrius missions are huge-normous. Need a card stockpile to pass them.

Yeah, I was only considering the Captain’s Cabin at that point. We’re pretty low on cards right now.

I’m pretty low on cards too, I could add a little bit to this check. Not sure if wr can pass with all the toasters in it.

They can only put in one card each, and rowe doesn’t even have any, would worry more about the Destiny deck.