Battlestar Galactica 41 - Love in The Brig

The age of man ended with the birth of the Cylons. Old faiths were shaken, and toppled. New mysteries revealed. The edifice of life crumbled from the inside. Though the world did not know it for some time. Looking out at the echoes of time the new order could trace a line, new deities sprung whole from the mouths of this new sect of life.

The old order struck back hard, trying to stave off the rot that threatened the whole, but it was not enough. For a time they seemed sure of their victory, but it was merely a lull, a false security. Deep in the bowels of space this new force waited, sure of their ultimate victory to be delivered by mystical forces they only had knowledge of. Then after the allotted and foretold days passed, they strode boldly into the light.

The nuclear light.

And humanity hung by a thread…

5 leaders, two false in time. Rules, for those who need a refresher (which may well include me!)

base game

Ship stats:

Viper 5-7 damaged, 8 destroyed
Mk VII 6-7 damaged, 8 destroyed, may move two spaces instead of one.
Assault Raptor 7-8 destroyed, damage basestar with 7-8

Nuke 1-2 damage basestar twice
3-6 destroy basestar
7 destroy basestar and 3 raiders
8 destroy all ships in space area

We will be using all characters from Daybreak and Exodus (plus the extra characters from the vassal module that mixes a few new ideas, makes a non crap Anders, and has human playable Cylon leaders)

We will be playing with Mutiny cards and Miracle tokens.

Miracle tokens refer only to Once Per Game abilities. You may only have a max of one. If, for some reason, a card would grant you a token and you already have one, you may not gain a second. However, if you have used your OPG, getting a Miracle token will allow you to use your OPG ability.

Some actions will force a player to take a Mutiny card. You may only have one in your hand. If you are forced to take a second Mutiny card, immediately go to the Brig and discard down to NO Mutiny card, unless otherwise specified on a card. Cylon players may not have Mutiny cards. Revealed Cylons must discard their Mutiny cards, and may never draw Mutiny cards.

Reckless skill checks have been adjusted. No longer does reckless trigger Treachery card abilities, instead follow the following procedure:

*After cards are added, flip the top card of the Treachery deck face up.
*If card value is >0, do nothing and process skill check like normal
*If card value is 0, flip up next Treachery card and resolve both text abilities. May repeat, and does not prevent abilities in skill check from triggering.
*Checks that fail with total of <0 trigger Reckless

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Cylons - Destroyed Galactica - rowe33, Lantz, soondifferent(CL)

All Characters



(non crap(?) Anders)


(note Zarek changes)


Cylon Leaders


The Galactica

FTL Control l Action: Jump the fleet if the Jump Preparation track is not in the red zone*
*may lose population

Weapons Control Action: Attack 1 Cylon ship with Galactica.

Communications Action: Look at the back of 2 civilian ships. You may then move them to adjacent area(s).

Research Lab Action: Draw 1 Engineering or 1 Tactics skill card.

Command Action: activate up to 2 unmanned vipers.

Admiral’s Quarters Action: Choose a character, then pass this skill check to send them to the “Brig”
*difficulty 7 Tactics/ Leadership challenge

Hangar Deck Action: Launch yourself in a Viper. You may then take 1 more action*
*Viper pilots only

Armory Action: Attack a Centurion on the Boarding Party track (destroyed on a roll of 7-8)

Sickbay You may only draw 1 Skill Card during your Receive Skill step

Brig You may not move, draw Crisis Cards, or add more than 1 card to skill checks. Action: Pass this skill check to move to any location*
*difficulty 7 Politics/ Tactics check

Colonial One

Quorum Chamber Action If you are the President, draw 1 Quorum card. You may then either draw 1 additional Quorum card or play 1 from your hand

Press Room Action: Choose another player to draw 1 Mutiny Card (He does not go to the “Brig”). He then keeps 1 of his Mutiny Cards, and discards the rest. You may then discard a Mutiny Card.

President’s Office Action: Draw 2 politics Skill Cards.

Administration Action: Draw 1 Mutiny Card. If the President has any Mutiny Cards, choose a player to the President title. If the “Accept Prophecy” card is in play, the President may discard it to keep his title.

Cylon Locations

Caprica Action: Play your Super Crisis Card or draw 2 Crisis Cards, choose 1 to resolve, and discard the other*
*No activate Cylon Ships step

Cylon Fleet Action: Activate all Cylon ships of one type, or launch 2 raiders and 1 heavy raider from each Basestar

Human Fleet Action: Look at the top card of the Crisis or Destination deck and place it on the top or bottom of that deck, then draw 2 Skill Cards: Or: Action: Infiltrate Galactica.

Resurrection Ship : Draw only 1 Skill Card during your Draw Skill Cards Step. Action: Draw 1 Super Crisis Card. (New to Pegasus)

Basestar Bridge Action: choose two of the following
*The CAG must place 1 civilian ship, following placement rules
*Place 1 Basestar or 3 raiders on any one space on this game board
*Roll a die 1-3 decrease jump track by 1, 4-8 increase pursuit track by 1
*Roll a die, if the result is less than the number of raiders on the main game board draw 2 Galactica damage tokens, choose 1 to resolve.

Pegasus Locations

Pegasus CiC : Action: Choose a Basestar and roll a die: 1-3 = Damage Pegasus; 4-6 = Damage Basestar; 7-8 = Damage Basestar Twice

Airlock : Action: Choose a character and pass this Skill Check to Execute them. (12, Politics-Tactics-Treachery). Reduce the difficulty of this check by 4 if the character is already in the ‘Brig’.

Main Batteries: Action: Choose a space area to affect and roll a die: 1 = Destroy 1 Civilian Ship; 2-3 = Damage 1 Viper; 4-6 = Destroy 2 Raiders; 7-8 = Destroy 4 Raiders.

Engine Room : Action: Discard 2 Skill cards to treat the next Crisis card drawn this turn as if it had a ‘prepare for jump’ (jump prep) icon.

New Caprica

Medical Center : You may only draw 1 Skill Card during your Receive Skill Cards Step

Detention : You may not move or add more than 2 cards to Skill checks. Action: Pass this Skill check to move to any location *difficulty 9 Politics/Tactics check

Resistance HQ : Human Action: Choose a Character on New Caprica (human or Cylon), then pass this Skill check to execute them. *difficulty 7 Leaderships/Tactics/Treachery check

Occupation Authority : Human Action: If you are the President, you may draw 1 Quorum Card. Then you may play 1 Quorum Card. Cylon Action: Activate 1 occupation force and then place 1 occupation force on this location.

Breeder’s Canyon : Human Action: Reduce the highest resource by 1 to advance the fleet marker 1 space up the Jump track. Cylon Action: Draw and resolve the top card of the Crisis deck. Skip the Prepare for Jump Step of this turn.

Shipyard : Human Action: Prepare or evacuate 1 civilian ship. If you evacuate a civilian ship you may then move to any Galactica location. Cylon Action: Look at the top ship of the Locked Civilian Ship stack and place it on the top or bottom of the stack.

Rebel Basestar

Hybrid Tank : Action: Discard a miracle token or a Super Crisis Card to look at the top 5 cards of the Crisis deck. Then, place them on the top of the deck in the order of your choosing.

Datastream : Action: Discard a miracle token or a Super Crisis Card to search 1 Skill deck and its discard pile for any 3 cards. Then add those cards to your hand and shuffle the discard pile into the deck.

Raider Bay : Action: Discard a miracle token or a Super Crisis Card to choose a space area. Place either 2 raiders or 4 unmanned vipers in this area and immediately activate them.


Bridge : Action: If there is no Mission Card on the “Active Mission” space, activate the top card of the Mission deck. Do not draw a Crisis Card this turn.

Tactical Plot : Action: Look at the top card of the Mission deck and place it on the top or bottom of the deck.

Captain’s Cabin : Action: Choose a skill type (it may be from outside your skill set). Each player, including Cylon players, draws 1 Skill Card of that type.

Active Mission : When the fleet jumps: If this card is faceup and has a distance number on it, place it next to the Earth Objective Card. If this card is faceup and does not have a distance number, discard it. If this card is facedown, reshuffle it back into the Mission deck.

















  1. @rowe33 - Barry Garner
  2. @Perky_Goth - Hamish “Skulls” McCall
  3. @Jorn_Weines - Noel “Narcho” Allison
  4. @CraigM - Diana “Hardball” Seelix
  5. @Knightsaber - Cylon Leader “Caprica” Six
  6. @scottagibson - Gaius Baltar (OG Politics)

We are going to do something a little different on Treachery this game. Details to follow.

I will be starting the random role assignment shortly, but if anyone wants to weigh in on whether our 5th human role should be pilot/support/military/politics there’s still a little bit of time.

In an attempt to rebalance the game a bit, and also raise the fun factor, we’re going to further house rule Treachery. The goal is to make it less punishing for humanity to try skill checks to open up more possible plays, and to try and further dampen the mid to late game constant Brig humanity death cycle which not only is brutal but also often ends up in one of the human players just having a real boring time.

Treachery Modifications:

  1. The go-to-the-Brig clears your Mutiny cards rule remains in place (doesn’t apply on New Caprica if you do it to yourself)
  2. Treachery effects (3+ point cards) have a dice roll attached. There is a base 4/8 die roll chance that the affect triggers, with +1 to the dice roll for each additional treachery card in a check.
  3. When a player gets two mutiny cards, they don’t go to jail until their next turn - e.g. they can get an XO to spend one (most of the time people go to the brig on their turn off their turn’s crisis check)

@CraigM actually expressed a preferred role so he gets to pick his character from two random options first:

  1. Michael Robert
  2. Diana “Hardball” Seelix

As much as playing someone who has never gotten in the game sounds great, that is some weak tea abilities. If it was ‘when any player goes to sickbay’ maybe.

Seelix however? that is some quality fun times OPG stuff.

I’m playing Hardball.


  1. Original Politics Gaius Baltar
  2. Billy Keikeya

Original politics Gaius Baltar, please.

2. Aaron Kelly

  1. Cylon Leader “Caprica” Six

I assume I can just pencil you in as Aaron Kelly and we can move on.




  1. Barry Garner
  2. Sharon “Athena” Agathon



  1. Brendan “Hot Dog” Costanza
  2. Hamish “Skulls” McCall

Also, once again polling the crowd for the final role for (it turns out) @Jorn_Weines.

I would say 2 pilots are mandatory with CFB but we do have an off-pilot support. Let me know if y’all want to do something wacky.

Think we need a pilot.

You want a pilot? You’ve got a pilot. Skulls McSkullySkull at your service.


  1. Noel “Narcho” Allison
  2. Margaret “Racetrack” Edmonson

Has anyone ever played Nacho? I think so. Looks fun, and I think I’ve played Racetrack before. So I’ll be Nacho. Also, now I’m hungry.

I also agree that a second pilot is good.

@rowe33 Engine Room or FTL?