Battlestar Galactica 41 - Love in The Brig

Hm, repair is not in that list, as you mention.

I don’t have the consolidated FAQ ar hand, but if a game effect could repair a destroyed Viper I guess it could repair a destroyed AR (unless it’s made clear somewhere that it can’t).

I’ll share what I did with Lantz

I did check before.

That said, has anyone else noticed the indexing for results from BGG is getting worse? Used to he I could easily find rules questions like this, but it is not so easy now.

One reply, not sure if it is from someone at FFG.

The definition of destroyed from the dynamic rulebook is “When a human combat ship is destroyed, it is removed from the game.” It’s an OPG ability, and explicitly says it can fix destroyed Vipers, so I’m fine with it also fixing ARs.

Yeah it’s always counted.

This was actually 0 FtH.

We made a mistake, @Jorn_Weines pick someone to receive your other loyalty card. After that I will post the crisis.

It’ll go to @rowe33

I strenuously object!



I have nothing for this one.

I also don’t. Do not. Have anything. For this one. I’m tired.

Mandatory “I’ll help!”.

While I don’t like losing one here, I’m not exactly flush with either type. Can contribute, but so far no help has been offered.

Leaning towards the choice unless @Perky_Goth or @rowe33 feels strongly otherwise

I can do some heavy lifting here - this seems like one we definitely want to pass. Would play a pre-check card if we go for it.

I think it’s pretty obvious I can’t.

Hmm if the pre check is what I think, this is doable, and plus morale is good.

Lets do it @Lantz @rowe33

So say we all.

@rowe33 precheck?

Not sure what Craig’s hoping for but play Eng 3 SR to make all Eng cards positive.

All engineering is positive

Starting with @Knightsaber

Nice! I can help.