Battlestar Galactica 41 - Love in The Brig

Yeah I am largely going to be non contributory here

I can do a thing to make it more likely we can contribute here.

I can contribute too. I’ll give the rest a chance to chime in.

@lantz can you send me a politics card for my extra draw?

we will do the check

I play 1STP so that @Knightsaber and @Perky_Goth can draw cards

Forgot to @Lantz

Ooh I want 2 Leadership please.

I think they have to be from my set, so, same.

Just for future reference, this is the case.

Leadership reshuffled fyi

KS and PG got their new cards.

Check is Reckless and starts with Admiral @rowe33

Can’t do much without a pre-check card so I’m on the sideline here. 0 cards Should be fine with those extra cards though.


I, hmmm, 1 card @Jorn_Weines

1 card @CraigM

My cards, they are useless here. pass


Ugh hum. Thinking about cards the whole time I’m typing this out with long pauses. Of course everyone will see it instantly, which means I’m role playing a Cylon. This is pretty cringey.

1 card

Tough call.


3 cards


Positive Cards: +12
Politics: 2 StP, 2 CP
Leadership: 0 IW, 2 XO, 2 MV, 4 DE

Negative Cards: -8
Tactics: 6 SFF
Engineering: 2 R

Iron Will lowers the Check to 5.
Total +4.

Failure. Morale -1 to 7.

Lone Raider moves. No jump prep.

@scottagibson you can look at either one of your loyalty cards or the Admiral’s. I’m going to assume you will pick Admiral Barry Garner.

Admiral @rowe33 you have your hand

Hold up there. Iron Will only makes them fail not happen if we’re within 4 of passing and only drops Morale if the check is 0 or less

Agreed. Y’all missed by 5 so you failed. There is 1 morale loss from the crisis but not a morale loss from IW.

Oops ignore me not reading the crisis