Battlestar Galactica 41 - Love in The Brig

Ok, I’ll trust you @CraigM

2 cards

Okay then.


No cards.


Skipping ahead, none from me.

None for me.


Positive Cards:
Tactics: 1 G&I
Engineering: 0 EN, 6 BN

Negative Cards:
Leadership: 1 MV

Establish Network Doubles Engineering: +12 Total

Heavy activation rolls a 1 for Cylon Fleet Board Postion. Then the fleet arrives.

@Jorn_Weines need your 5th card choice.

Leadership, please.

@Jorn_Weines you have your hand.

Move: T3 CS to do two actions.

Action 1: T3 UP to Activate Communications, look at the Civvie in Space 3 and move it to Space 2.
Action 2: BEEP BOP

Discard down to three cards:
Leadership - 3 DE
Piloting - 0 PtF, 1 EM


Well there goes one of our pilots. Gonna need you to resist the urge to go all metallic on us, Perky!

Don’t forget, I am also a pilot in addition to grease monkey

Ah nice, forgot you could fly. I should pay more attention to the people under my command. So either way we’re not completely at a loss dealing with the ridiculous mess that just jumped in.

I’m still not convinced that Craig didn’t do a ‘look how good I am’ on a not-very-bad easy-to-pass crisis, but I also don’t really care either, so that’s neat.

Being a CL is weird, man.

Hey, you’re more than welcome to be part of Team Cylon!

Damage tokens sent

Ack, such hard decisions.

It’ll be FTL and Weapon Control. @Lantz

No crisis, right?

You were the crisis…

@Lantz for my draw, give me all the blues.

I have work to do.

Few small board fixes to go with the board update.

@CraigM you have your hand.